About Me

I'm currently (from September, 2010) a graduate student in Energy Resources Engineering at Stanford.

Previously (2009/2010 academic year), I was a visiting researcher with the Stanford Center for Computational Earth & Environmental Science (CEES).

I first visited the Dept. of Energy Resources Engineering (ERE) in February and March 2009.

I wrote CellMC, a multi-platform program generator for high-speed stochastic simulation of biochemical reaction networks, as part of my master's thesis in Scientific Computing at Uppsala University.


In the dim and distant past, I was a strange thing called a Pro-Rata Part-Time Assistant Lecturer in the School of Computing at DIT, where I worked variable number of hours each year from 1996 until 2006. I also worked as a freelance programmer, trading as Netrogen.

I used to lecture on relational database theory. If you're interested in the relational model, I have plans to create a site at relationalmodel.info espousing my own particular biases and half-assed notions about the relational model and denigrating anyone who disagrees with me with a cheap ad hominem attack: it seems to be the “done thing” in that field ;o)


I share my birthday with Joseph Marie Jacquard, inventor of the Jacquard loom. Although it was not the first machine to use punch cards, it is considered to have been the machine that perfected their use. The Jacquard loom is considered a landmark in the development of programmable machines and a precursor to the modern computer.

I am a member of the Friends of Charles Darwin.

I have an Erdős number of 5, a Bacon number of 3, and am one of the (relatively) few people to have a finite Erdős-Bacon number (of 8).

My user page on WikiPedia, User:EmmetCaulfield, will tell you far more than you ever wanted to know about me.

I also have an account on YouTube, which I've started using for sharing video clips with the folks back home. I usually disable comments since YouTube is the existential proof that “opinions are like assholes”.

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